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floor cleaning service , Imagine the daily wear floors are exposed to: we walk all over them and we constantly track gritty dirt onto them, which can scratch and dull the surfaces. Therefore, proper wood floor cleaning is essential, if you want to maintain the beauty and strength of your floors for a long time. With a bit of effort, your wood floors can look amazing, no matter how much wear and usage they are exposed to.

The benefit of cleaning wood floors with WOCA soaps regularly is that the floors will become more hardwearing, dirt resistant and easier to clean. The reason is that WOCA soaps leave a microscopically, invisible soap layer on the wood surface. This means that the gritty dirt tracked onto the floors will adhere to the soap instead of the actual wood fibers, making wood floor cleaning much easier and faster in the long run.

wood floor cleaning is easy

Cleaning wood floors is fairly straightforward, as long as it is done correctly. Daily cleaning of all kinds of wood floors can be done with a mop, broom or vacuum cleaner. If you use a vacuum cleaner, be careful not to accidentally scratch the floor with the vacuum head. Make sure you are always using the soft bristle setting.

The floor finish, however, determines how the regular and more intensive cleaning is carried out and which product, you should use. Find the answer in our usage guide below.

Download the usage guide as PDF

Regular cleaning of oiled wood floors

What characterizes an oil finish is that the oil penetrates and saturates the wood, creating a very strong finish that protects the wood from within.However, oiled floors can suffer from high wear, which makes them more disposed to moisture and damage. Therefore, it is very important to clean oiled wood floors with a quality wood soap specially formulated to add nourishment to the floor in order to extend its life.

We recommend WOCA Natural Soap, a soap ideal for wood floor cleaning and maintenance of all known oil systems. It is a quality wood soap containing soy and coconut fats, which due to its nourishing properties quickly closes the pores of the wood and protects against dirt and penetration of liquids.

In order to maintain the strongest oil finish as possible, we recommend cleaning the oiled wood floor with Natural Soap regularly and mopping with WOCA Oil Refresher approx. every fourth time or as needed. Oil Refresher cleans the surface and contains a bit of oil, which penetrates into the wood and adds additional strength to the existing oil finish.

Regular cleaning of lacquered wood floors

Lacquered wood floors are extremely popular as they are very easy to clean and maintain. The reason is that the lacquer sits on top of the wood, which creates a very hardwearing surface as well as smooth look and feel. Regular and proper cleaning of lacquered wood floors is essential, if you want the lacquer finish to look good and last as long as possible.

WOCA Vinyl- and Lacquer Soap is ideal for the regular cleaning of all lacquered wood floors. The soap is a pH-neutral soap, which efficiently removes abrasive dirt and dust from the floor without affecting the actual lacquer finish. As Vinyl- and Lacquer Soap leaves no buildup of soap, it is ideal for surfaces requiring frequent cleaning, for instance kitchen floors.

Vinyl- and Lacquer Soap can also be used for cleaning of lacquered cork floors.

Regular cleaning of vinyl/laminated floors

Flooring surfaces like vinyl and laminate have become very popular. These durable and long lasting types of flooring are very easy to clean and does not require much effort. However, it is still important to clean these floorings with suitable products in order to preserve the beautiful, original look as well as prolong the lifetime of the flooring.

The best way to maintain the beautiful, shiny look is to clean the floor with floor cleaning services Vinyl- and Lacquer Soap, a specially formulated soap for the regular cleaning of vinyl- and laminate flooring. The soap removes dirt and dust efficiently from the floor and does not leave a buildup of soap. This feature makes the soap very suitable for use on surfaces with high wear and traffic, e.g. hallways or entrances.

Vinyl- and Lacquer Soap is also suitable for cleaning of linoleum, PVC, painted surfaces and floor tiles.

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