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#7 Carpet Cleaner Max Extract Dual V All Terrain Hardwood Floor and Carpet Cleaner Machine by Hoover

It’s a very good thing when a floor cleaning machine can also clean carpets, and that is exactly what Hoover’s machine does. The multi-purpose cleaning system let’s you clean both carpet and harder surfaces at the same time.

This is great for living rooms, which often have carpet floors as well as hardwood floors. It can be pretty annoying to switch between cleaners when cleaning a room that has both hardwood and carpet floors, and Hoover’s machine makes this much easier.

You won’t need to worry about mixing water with the right amount of detergent, either. Hoover’s machine contains an automatic detergent mixing system that gives you the right mix of detergent every time automatically.

Be prepared to only be able to use this in one room, however. Hoover’s cleaning machine is not cordless, and the cord it contains only stretches out to about 20 feet. If you were expecting a machine that can clean massive living rooms, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

The solution and detergent used in Hoover’s cleaning machine is not safe for pets. When using it, make sure you keep whatever pets you own away until everything is clean and dry. See Price Here

#8 Orbiter multi-purpose floor machine by Oreck

One thing about standard cleaning machines is that they often do not clean their surfaces deep enough. This is not to say that they are ineffective, but there is definitely room for improvement.

When it comes to cleaning really big floors like the ones found in gymnasiums or stadiums, you’ll usually find a machine that has a circular head that rotates, buffing the floor as well as cleaning it. The purpose of this is to clean the targeted floor even deeper.

Oreck’s floor cleaning machine is built like this. It is designed for hardwood floors but can also work on carpets as well. Oreck’s buffing system gets deep enough to where surfaces are restored easily, but is not too strong to where carpets will get damaged while using it.

Different than standard floor cleaning machines, Oreck’s machine will require you to purchase pads for it. Also, because it does rotate the pad while using it, you will need to get used to this type of movement. This may take practice.

The Orbiter isn’t cordless, either, which means you will need to physically take it to different rooms. This can be inconvenient. See Price Here

#9 Rug Doctor Cleaner by Floor Doctor

With a name like the “Rug Doctor” and a brand like “Floor Doctor,” you should expect great things. And with the Rug Doctor, you do get great things.

The first of these is the fact that it is not just for cleaning rugs. It can clean almost any surface, from wood to granite. It won’t just clean rugs. This is fantastic for anybody who wants to

The Rug Doctor cleans its surfaces with a three step process where it scrubs, sprays, and then extracts and lifts spills and stains. There are no different settings that you need to use for surfaces; the Rug Doctor does everything it needs to do without needing different settings. This makes cleaning a floor very simple and easy.

Another fantastic thing about the Rug Doctor is that it is cordless, using a lithium ion battery. This makes it ideal for homes that have more than one floor, since you will not need to carry around a cord when transporting this cleaning machine.

The Rug Doctor uses its own cleaning solution. While it is possible to use other cleaning solutions in the machine, it’s pretty doubtful that they will be as effective. Use other cleaning solutions, but do it at your own risk.

Another questionable aspect is the cleaning solution itself. Is it safe around animals? This is not known, so you would need to err on the side of not having animals around when using it. See Price Here

#10 CM3 Robot Vacuum Cleaner by CleanMate

When you think of cleaning machines, what do you usually think of?

You think of something that resembles a vacuum cleaner that just does a few extra things, right?

Well, CleanMate’s CM3 proves this wrong, and is much different than your run-of-the-mill cleaning machine. Not only is it completely cordless, but like anything robotic, it can be programmed to automatically clean.

Containing a navigation system that contains sensors that bypasses obstacles. It is so small that it can even clean under beds and other areas that would be almost impossible to reach with any other cleaning machine. Another astounding thing about the CleanMate CM3 is that it has automatic scheduling, meaning it can be preset to clean wherever you want it to. When it gets low on battery power, it will automatically go back to its charging station.

One questionable thing about the CM3 is its size. It is extremely small, and using it to clean larger rooms may prove itself rather difficult. Another thing that makes it difficult for the CM3 to clean a larger room is its battery life. It can clean floors for up to 80 minutes, which would not be such a bad thing if you are using it in a small room, but given its size, the CM3 will struggle in a large room. 

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